Reducing time spent reporting by 50% for AdsVentures !

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Reduction in time spent reporting


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The Business

Specialist Google ads agency based in Leeds, UK.

AdsVentures is a digital marketing agency based in Leeds, specialising in PPC.

AdsVentures was formed in 2016 by Stephane Ganach, who previously spent 6 years working for Google, where he was the point of contacts of hundreds of online marketing agencies, supporting them with everything Google Ads related.

After having an in-depth understanding of the needs of clients, and having a strong relationship with Google, Stephane set up AdsVentures as a way of helping businesses really maximise their online business presence and achieve their potential.





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The Challenge

Upgrading from Spreadsheets, Google Data Studios & cluttered Google Sheets

As a business AdsVentures are working with a large number of clients internationally, focusing on delivering highly targeted Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns across multiple channels.
They needed a solution that reported across these channels whilst being able to combine and provide all the data at a granular level in a single report. It was essential that reports and data were filterable by Campaigns/AdSets/Ads/Keywords and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Previous Reporting Methods:

– Google Slides

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Highly Recommended

“Moving to Coact has been a gamechanger for us, the time we save every-month has been a godsend and allowed us to spend more time focusing on delivering better results for our clients. The support we’ve received has also been second to none. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”


Reduction in reporting time

The Solution

Brand new templates and fast and efficent reporting !

Coact engaged with members of the AdsVentures team in an effort to better understand the report’s they were sending out.

From there, the team at Coact created several templates that were then rolled out across most of AdsVenture’s clients, reducing the monthly reporting time by half.

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