Use Cases

Coact’s Reporting Software Uses

Coact’s reporting software can be used across many sectors and business types. Learn more below about the individual uses on offer with Coact.

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CEO Reporting Dashboards

As a CEO, we can bet you’ve got a thousand responsibilities, a lot on your mind and no time to focus on the actual job at hand: the growth of your business.

If this looks like your average work day, take a look at Coact’s efficient CEO reporting boards to help you provide a CEO report to the board of directors easily.

Freelancer Digital Marketing Reporting

When it comes to reporting stats and data, we can imagine it’s hard to keep your head above the water, especially if you offer freelance digital marketing services. With Coact’s freelancer digital marketing reporting dashboards, you’ll have one less plate to juggle, and one less thing to worry about.

Marketing Agency Reporting Software

With our marketing agency reporting software, we’ve reinvented the whole reporting process for digital agencies. Get access to easy and automated reporting, and scale your agency. The sky’s the limit.


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