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Marketing Agency Reporting Software

With our marketing agency reporting software, we’ve reinvented the whole reporting process for digital agencies. Get access to easy and automated reporting, and scale your agency. The sky’s the limit.

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How can Coact’s digital agency reporting software help with your agency’s client reporting?

Your clients are what it’s all about. Why waste precious time with reporting? 


With Coact’s marketing agency reporting software, you’ll redirect your time back to the all-important client work, instead of spending all day drowning in data and statistics.

Your own support team

You’ll also receive a personalised experience with Coact. If you’re not as tech-savvy when it comes to client reporting, with ayour own support squad on side, you’ll never be left high and dry when it comes to technical help.

What sets our agency reporting software apart?

Coact’s marketing agency reporting tool is filled with handy features and integrations that get your clients all the details they need quickly and easily, without ever compromising on quality.


Reporting is personal

At Coact, we don’t believe reporting is a one-size fits all kind of system. Every business and agency is different. With over 20 integrations and features to choose from, your company can customise our digital agency reporting software to streamline your organisation’s reports.


An all-in-one shareable reporting system

We know how much of a headache agency client reporting can be. If all your data is scattered across multiple platforms, a small job soon becomes a big job. With everything you need in one marketing agency reporting tool, sharing becomes simple. Select your desired metrics and channels and in return, you’ll get the perfect report, every time. Kick back, relax and let us do the rest.

How can I create an agency report for my client?

For a step-by-step glimpse into how you can create an agency report, check out the video to your right to see Coact in action. Or book a demo and we’ll personally show you the ropes of our marketing agency reporting software.

  • Fully Customised to your needs
  • Easy to set-up

Digital Marketing Reporting Templates

Bing Ads Report

Our Bing Ads report template is ideal for any agency or marketing team that’s looking to provide a fast and accurate report on a Bing Ads account’s performance.

View Template

E-Commerce Report

Our eCommerce template is ideal for proving eCommerce performance data across paid search, social and Google Shopping. Including best performing products.

View Template

Facebook Ads Report

Our Facebook Ads report template is ideal for any agency or marketing team looking to provide a fast and accurate report on a account’s performance.

View Template

Facebook & Instagram Report

Our Facebook & Instagram template is perfect when you want to provide a report on organic social KPI and Post performance. Including most talked about posts.

View Template

Google Ads Report

Our Google Ads report template is ideal for any agency or marketing team that’s looking to provide a fast and accurate report on an account’s performance.

View Template

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics template is ideal for anyone looking to provide a fast and accurate report on a websites performance, activity and goal completions

View Template

Google Search Console

Our Google Search Console template is ideal for anyone looking to report on organic SEO performance, including landing page and query performance.

View Template

LinkedIn Ads Report

Our LinkedIn Ads report template is ideal for any agency or marketing team that’s looking to provide a fast and accurate report on an account’s performance.

View Template

Website & SEO Report

Our Website & SEO template is ideal for anyone looking to report on a websites overall performance along with a specific focus on SEO performance including page performance

View Template

Over 20+ integrations available

What tools and integrations should be included in your agency report?

Not everyone operates the same way, so why should your reporting software? Create a personal and customised client reporting system with Coact’s digital agency reporting software.

Coact’s Digital Marketing Reporting Software FAQ’s

A Report is a one report containing the metrics, charts & tables presenting the performance of your digital marketing performance. A single report can contain multiple channels across multiple tabs.

Sharing a report on Coact is easy. You can either email your report, generate a PDF or copy and share the custom domain.

Nope! You can add as many tabs as you like to your reports.

The number of reports depends on your subscription, more can be found on our pricing page. Generally speaking, a single report equates to a single client/campaign/team/business.

Yes! When you click on the Share Report option, you can chose the option to download the report as a PDF.

Yes! Reports can be fully customised within Coact. Start by setting your brand colours and logo’s, but go one step further and as custom backgrounds to your reports and fully customise the look and feel.

Yes we do offer pre-built Report templates. Check out the template page on our website to see the pre-built templates we have to offer.

Yes! With our report automation feature you will be able to schedule the sending of your clients reports to one email or multiple emails in one go.

Yes! If you would like to create a report and use them across all your report, Coact allows you to use pre-built reports as custom templates.

Yes, once you’ve created a report that you like, it’s very easy to duplicate this report. You simply copy the report, assign new data sources in the form of digital marketing accounts, and create a brand new report.

You can add as many widgets as you want to a Report. A Report is made up of tabs, and you can have unlimited number of tabs.

You can add almost anything, text, data widgets, videos, images, files and more!

A Personalised Experience

Feature Rich & Future-Proof

Coact’s all-in-one platform ticks all the boxes and allows you to report on all of the marketing data required, no matter how fragmented it is across different platforms. With Coact, you can easily create and share digital marketing reports that are able to meet even the most strenuous of requirements.

Drag & Drop Report Builder

Easily move charts, tables, screenshots and text boxes Reports. Sorting and formatting of data has never been so effortless.

White Label

We offer the ability to fully white-label your account with a custom domain and custom branding to match your corporate identity.

Advanced Report Management

We offer market-leading report management, meaning that it’s never been easier to keep on top of your reports.

Template Library

Coact has a ready-made report template for every type of report. You edit current templated and create your own custom templates.

Share by Link, Email, or PDF

Share Reports with clients, colleagues, stakeholders and teams by using a customised shareable link, creating a PDF or emailing directly.

Live Data 24/7

Coact always provides the latest data available from all the major marketing platforms. Report distribution can also be automated by automatically sending reports to your clients via email.

Blended Data Widgets

Combine data from multiple digital marketing platforms to show the true value of campaigns.

Seamless Onboarding

The Coact team offers you a reporting setup to get your reports fully transferred over from your previous reporting tool and onto our platform.

Want to change the way you report as an agency?

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