Digital Marketing Reporting

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Why marketing campaigns need to be data driven.

Consumers can be a fickle bunch. When it comes to consumer demand, the grass is always greener. They’re constantly changing their minds, looking for the next best thing,…
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Digital marketing: predicted trends for 2022.

2021 has seen some big and fast changes to the digital marketing industry. The pandemic has catalysed a fair few of these trends, from the rise of video…
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The best tools for speeding up processes in your marketing agency.

You have several processes as part of your workflow in a marketing agency. From proposals to delivery, from scheduling tools to reporting, there’s a whole host of things…
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Why sustainability matters in digital marketing.

Gone are the days when sustainability was niche. Consumers expect brands and businesses to do better when it comes to protecting the environment. According to research, 96% of businesses…
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The Importance of Wellbeing in Digital Marketing.

Your inbox can fill up quickly, your to-do list grows at a rate of knots, and your workload can often increase at the drop of a hat; probably…
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