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Client reporting often sends a shiver down the spine of marketers. It’s not hard to figure out why. If you’re using the wrong tools, it’s easy to feel disorganised and overwhelmed with it all. 

When it comes to running an agency, client reporting is vital to the growth of your business. It keeps your clients informed and nurtures the relationship you have with them. How can we fix these common bugbears?

Client reporting takes up a lot of time

Clients like detailed and regular reports. And why wouldn’t they? The purpose of reporting is to let your client know how campaigns are performing and importantly, their return on investment. 

72% of companies attribute their success to keeping tabs on their marketing ROI. You can clearly see why reporting is of such high importance to your clients. But the problem with providing all this detail? It’s time consuming. You spend endless hours putting your client reports together and it’s hard work! 

Game changer alert. What if I told you agencies that use Coact spend 75% less time on their client reporting? 

You’re trying your best to multi-task

Life as a marketer is busy. You’re managing lots of different campaigns and juggling different responsibilities on a daily basis. 54% of marketing leaders said their biggest cause of delays in creative production is due to taking on a higher volume of projects than their team can handle. 

Each client has different needs and expectations when it comes to reporting. If you’re already busy, it can be overwhelming trying to create tailored reports for every client. Personalisation really is key when it comes to great client reporting. Luckily, Coact gives you the functionality to customise your templates and create tailored reports in a few clicks of a mouse. 

You have to make it look good

When you’re putting together client reports, you’ve got lots of data to gather from different sources. This can get difficult to stay on top of and can be problematic if you’d like to present your information professionally. Messy spreadsheets just won’t cut it anymore. 

We live in a world where visuals are of high importance. If a scientific claim is presented in pure words or numbers, 68% of people will believe that the information is accurate and truthful. 

But if you put a simple graph with the claim, the number rises to 97%. It’s pretty important that your reports look the part. Imagine how difficult it would be to digest information from a spreadsheet containing a wall of numbers on 20 different tabs. It’s just not going to be scalable. 

With Coact, you can include charts, tables, images, video, text boxes, and more in your reports. The easy-to-use platform enables you to get your client reports looking great. Not only that, you’ll have the ability to include and combine data from multiple platforms. No more mind-numbing spreadsheets. 

There you have it. Client reporting doesn’t have to be painful. Let Coact take the hassle out of your reporting. Book a demo today.