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You have several processes as part of your workflow in a marketing agency. From proposals to delivery, from scheduling tools to reporting, there’s a whole host of things you need to cover. You want to know you have the right kit for the job.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular options out there. If it’s time to get your time management kicked into touch, here seems like a pretty good place to start.


A strong proposal is a key tool in developing the growth of your agency. You want to make sure you’re nailing it everytime. However, these documents can quickly eat up a huge amount of time. If you need to get these out quickly and efficiently, it might be time to invest in a template tool to give you the same professional result in a fraction of the time.


Easily integrated with a number of CRM systems, PandaDoc is a popular choice amongst agencies for generating customised and on-brand proposals. You can also enable notifications that allow you to see when the recipient has opened and read their proposal and even when they sign the dotted line.


If you’re looking for a sleek finish to your proposals, Qwilr gives you the opportunity to create beautiful web based documents for your clients. If you can edit a document, you can use Qwilr. The simple process allows you to easily embed other media such as videos and other interactive content.

Managing your projects

Once you have won those all important projects, you’ll want to be able to manage their creation and delivery. Rather than having numerous projects floating around, create a one stop shop your whole team can use.

There are a number of useful tools out there to help you manage your day to day diary. ClickUpTrello and Asana are just a few examples.

When you’re managing several projects at once, these tools give you the ability to keep everything in one easy-to-use place. Add sub tasks, colour coordinate your processes and projects, set due dates and stay on top of your team mate’s workloads. This way, you can efficiently delegate your projects and keep a close eye on the status.

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With clients eager to know how their marketing efforts are paying off, reporting back is a crucial part of an agency’s workflow. But if done inefficiently, this can take up huge amounts of time that you don’t have. What if we told you there’s a way to reduce time spent on reporting by up to 75%.

That’s where Coact steps in. No more scrabbling your reports together in complicated spreadsheets at the eleventh hour. Integrate the metrics and analytics from across the platforms in one easy-to-view report that clearly displays results for your clients. It couldn’t be more simple.

And there you have it; a few suggestions for improving workflow and preparing for growth. With any software, there can be hiccups and you may even need to shop around before you find the thing that fits your business. After all, we’re all different and what works for one might be a total disaster for another.

If you’d like to change the way you report and would like more information on Coact, my inbox is open and I’d love to hear from you.