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Consumers can be a fickle bunch. When it comes to consumer demand, the grass is always greener. They’re constantly changing their minds, looking for the next best thing, hopping onto the next trend. And as digital marketers, you need to keep up.

No-one’s a mind reader. In an industry as fast-paced as this, you can’t be expected to know exactly when a new trend is going to emerge or fall through. Especially when you’re already working on current trends and campaigns in the meantime.

That’s where data comes in. Those useful little numbers that give you all the facts. There’e no point in winging it when it comes to your marketing strategy. Not when you can use real-time data to optimise your marketing.

More clarity, more insight

To really hit the mark with marketing, you need to know your client’s audience. Who are they trying to reach? Who are they trying to connect with? It lays the foundation for any sort of marketing strategy, from where you post, to what you post, to when you post.

Collecting data from audience engagement is a great way to study their consumer behaviour and preferences. You gain a laser-sharp understanding of your client’s target audience, and insight into behaviour that can help predict future demand.


Using data to drive your marketing can also be the push your clients need to boost business growth. Research carried out by Boston Consulting Group (and commissioned by Google ) found that after just 4 to 6 weeks of tests using advanced data-driven technology, advertisers saw increases of up to 50% in online transactions. These resulted in significant growth results, with up to 33% in return on ad spend, alongside up to 44% drop in cost per action.

When you think about the amount of data available to us in today’s digital world, it’s no wonder we have the information to achieve huge growth at our fingertips. Collecting the data is the first step; using it properly to inform your campaigns is the second.

Combine the data with the right people to plan your client’s campaign strategy, and you’ve got the perfect formula. According to BCG, companies using advanced data-driven technologies can produce up to 20% better campaign metrics over time, and that adjustments to the campaign by people can add another 15% to performance.

Specificity and connection

People don’t want generic marketing messages. They want specific, relatable, personal content. One study revealed 74% of customers feel frustrated by seeing irrelevant content from brands. 79% of them won’t consider an offer unless a brand personalises it to their previous interactions.

So how do you accurately personalise your campaigns? You guessed it. Through data.

A study from Forbes reveals that, for 66% of marketing leaders, data led to an increase in customer acquisition. The data gives you a thorough understand of the audience you’re targeting, and what they engage with. This makes them much more likely to connect with your client’s brand. Meaning better customer loyalty, more customers and increased customer sanctification.

With Coact, you can collect and record all your data in one place, across a range of different platforms. We want your reporting to be as simple and effective as possible, so you have the best chance to optimise your data, drive your campaigns, and satisfy your clients.

To find out more about working with Coact, give us a call today.